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Effect change: Master’s Program Social Work (M.A.)

The consecutive Master's degree program in Social Work at the MSH is aimed at students who have successfully completed the Bachelor's program in Social Work, Transdisciplinary Early Intervention, Social Pedagogy, or a program with a comparable degree.

In addition to foundational and methodological training, the Master's program focuses on the major areas of social work: working with addicts, in the field of child welfare, rehabilitation and health promotion, as well as working with the mentally ill. This combination of focal points offers a special opportunity for students as well as for the current and future labor market.

The aim of the Master's degree program in Social Work is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and experience which, after successful completion, qualifies graduates to begin professional activity in the area of scientifically-applied and fundamentally-oriented social work.

The Master's Degree program in Social Work is state-recognized and accredited.

  • Course Content and Structure
  • Admission Requirements
  • Career Perspectives

Course Content and Structure

The key objectives of the Master's program are to enable students to conduct independent scientific work, as well as practical evidence-based work in all areas of social work.

The focus of the Master's program in Social Work lies in the knowledge and practical application of pedagogical, psychological and social (work) interventions. The target group of activities in the field of social work are people of different ages in special and difficult life situations with mental illnesses and behavioral disorders, who are in individual need of support.

The mandatory electives which can be selected in the Master's program include the areas of addiction, child welfare, intercultural competences, rehabilitation and health, as well as crisis intervention, all of which are in great demand on the labor market.

The practice-oriented project integrated into the course is conducted in the form of an internship and the assumption of research or evaluation assignments with suitable practice partners and complemented by seminars. The aim of these internships is the application, advancement and deepening of the acquired theoretical knowledge, as well as the practical expertise and abilities for the further development of action skills. In particular, we promote the independent processing of new experiences and problems as well as the ability for reflection.

Admission Requirements

What requirements do you have to bring with you for the master's program Social Work?

  • Eligibility to study in Master's degree programs in accordance with §39 HmbHG,
  • First occupational, qualifying degree (Bachelor) in social work, transdisciplinary early support, social pedagogy, or comparable study.

Give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions.


  • Fully completed and signed admission application with curriculum vitae and two current passport photos (name on reverse)
  • Copy of identity card (front and back), for international students identity-card
  • Proof of activities conducted to date, if applicable
  • Proof of first degree
  • Study book or degree certificate, if the applicant has already studied at other universities

The degree programs at the MSH are NC-free: Talent, motivation and discipline count more than the grade point average on your certificate. Punctuality, good performance and commitment during your studies are of greater importance.

Career Perspectives

Graduates of the Master's program in Social Work at the MSH are able to examine and further develop complex issues by means of suitable research patterns. They possess an extensive and well-founded knowledge base, recognize mental disorders in children, adolescents and adults and derive appropriate interventions therefrom. They are thus qualified for scientific and managerial activities in all fields of social work.

The degree program qualifies graduates to work in the following fields:

  • Socio-medical rehabilitation,
  • Hospitals,
  • Counselling and information centers,
  • Youth welfare offices,
  • Public health service,
  • Schools and child day-care centers
  • Homes and family centers,
  • Coordination of health tasks,
  • Education, training, further education, and
  • Research projects, etc.

At a glance

Start date
1st October (WS)

Study type and duration
Full-time: 4 Semester

Study fees:
495 Euro/Month

One-time enrollment fee:
100 Euro

Master of Arts

> Counseling or Information Centers
> Meeting Places
> Rehabilitation
> Hospitals
> Youth Centers
> Schools
> Nurseries/Day Care Centers
> Other Educational Institutions

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