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Close-up: Bachelor's Degree in Social Work (B.A.)

The Bachelor's degree qualifies students to work in all fields of social work. It provides professional help for self-help, for those in distress, who cannot change their situation without external support. In the area of early intervention, graduates are able to consider and protect the welfare of a child, support parents in their childrearing skills, offer counselling for people in difficult situations and are thus able to fall back on comprehensive knowledge. Graduates can deal professionally with the mentally ill of different age groups, support them and deal with the specific difficulties that can arise due to poverty, disability or old age.

The aim of the study program is a scientific education that not only provides students with possible solutions to acute problems, but also with an analytical and preventive perspective. In order to best prepare students for future collaboration with different professional groups, we attach great importance to imparting various skills in the fields of medicine, pedagogy, medical therapy, psychology, art and social work.

The demand for skilled personnel in the field of social work has continued to rise in recent years. Reasons for this are, for example, new social and legal tasks in the area of child protection, adolescent social work, educational support for parents and integration assistance for children and adolescents with mental disabilities. But well-trained personnel are also needed for the health promotion and rehabilitation of people with chronic or mental disorders. Another important area in social work is education - which is further expanding due to new demands for inclusion - and the increased development of social spaces.

Special Feature of the Degree Program:
The bachelor's degree in Social Work at the MSH was declared suitable for professional regulations in accordance with §3 of the Social Work Recognition Act (Anerkennungsgesetz Soziale Arbeit) by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Family and Integration of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Thus, successful graduation leads to state recognition as a social pedagogue or social worker.

The Bachelor's degree in Social Work is recognized and accredited by the state.

  • Course Content and Structure
  • Admission requirements
  • Career Perspectives

Course Content and Structure

What distinguishes the Social Work program at the MSH is our focus on combining comprehensive pedagogic principles with psychological, sociological, medical, legal, and ethical content. This best prepares graduates for the various working fields and enables them to meet current societal challenges in working with and for people at a high professional level. In addition, students acquire an understanding of the methods of social work and a working knowledge of counselling. We attach great importance to the fact that different methods are critically reflected and tested, in order to provide purposeful and individual support.

The elective modules offer an overview of the fields of work and institutions of social work. Focus here is on the following areas:

  • Children, youth and family,
  • Livelihood security
  • Ecological gerontology,
  • Clinical social work and rehabilitation, as well as
  • Crisis intervention.

An internship is scheduled for all students during the Bachelor's degree program. This gives them the opportunity to deal directly with the requirements of practical work over a longer period of time. In the area of child and youth welfare, this sometimes occurs in very emotionally demanding situations.

It is therefore especially important that we give our students continual support and guidance and duly prepare them for their tasks and experiences, as well as the follow-up process. In this way, crises can be dealt with at an early stage and the theory-practice context can be promptly reflected.

Admission requirements

What are the requirements for admission to the Bachelor's program in Social Work?

  • General higher education entrance qualification, subject-linked higher education entrance qualification, or advanced technical college certificate in accordance with §37 HmbHG, or
  • Special eligibility for professionals in accordance with §38 HmbHG via entrance examination (corresponding to entrance examination regulations) and personal interview
  • A preliminary internship of at least one month duration in a social and health care institution recognized by the university in accordance with admission regulations. The internship can be completed, for example, in integrative kindergartens, nursing homes, refugee and life support institutions.

Give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions.


  • Fully completed and signed admission application with CV in tabular form, as well as two current passport photos (name on reverse)
  • Copy of identity card (front and back), ID Card for international students
  • Proof of activities conducted to date, if applicable
  • Study book or degree certificate, if applicant has already studied at other universities

The courses at the MSH Medical School Hamburg are NC-free: talent, motivation and discipline count more than the average grade on a certificate. Punctuality, good performance and commitment during your studies are of greater importance.

Career Perspectives

Against the background of social change, the demand for highly qualified specialists in the field of social work has risen sharply in recent years. Increasing demand can be derived from current trends, especially in the following areas:

  • socio-medical rehabilitation,

  • counselling or information centers,

  • meeting places,

  • youth welfare offices

  • the public health service,

  • the school,

  • nurseries, day care, and family centers,

  • in the field of education, training and advanced education, and

  • in the coordination of health tasks.

The Bachelor's program optimally prepares students for the Master's degree program in Social Work (M.A.) at the MSH Faculty of Health Sciences.

Impressions of the »Creative Methods« module

At a glance

Start date
1st April (SS)
1st October (WS)

Study type and duration
Full time: 6 Semester

Study fees
495 Euro/Month

One-time enrollment fee
100 Euro

Bachelor of Arts

> Counselling and Information Centers
> Meeting Places
> Rehabilitation
> Hospitals
> Youth Welfare Offices
> Schools
> Nurseries/Day Care Centers
> Other Educational Institutions

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