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Study Programs

The Department Family, Child and Social Work with its two bachelor programs Transdisciplinary Early Childhood Intervention and Social Work and the Masters Degree Social Work deals on a scientific level with questions of the promotion and support of adults, families and children in special and difficult situations.

In all four programs, the future professionals will be introduced to essential theories and methods of promotion, support and assistance, taking social conditions into account. A special focus of the department is the inclusion of creative methods, such as painting, music and dance. As the future specialist personnel influence the strengthening, stabilization and resource mobilization of people by themselves, the mediation of reflexive methods is of great importance.

Social work? Or transdisciplinary early intervention?
Which course of studies is right for me?

The bachelor's program Transdisciplinary Early Intervention focuses on transdisciplinary education in the field of developmental diagnostics and the promotion of infants and toddlers.

An important difference: The Bachelor's degree program Social Work offers a very broad range of courses that depicts the lifelong perspective. In this program, graduates are prepared to work with children and adolescents in crisis situations and with specific (therapeutic) needs, as well as to work with adults with specific care needs. This is the case, for example, with mental illness, addictions, in poverty or through migration or flight as well as with people of all ages with disabilities or other health impairments.

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Department Family, Child and Social Work

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