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Interface Practice

Combining science and practice in a profitable way - for science, study and practice alike.

This is a central concern of our work. For us, a lively dialogue in the study between science and practice is important. We realize this in various forms: Within the scope of practical research projects, students support practical institutions in the evaluation and further development of their work, conduct needs and social space analyzes, etc.

With our cooperation partners, we develop joint practice offers, which are carried out and supported by and with our students. Experienced practitioners give in-depth insights into their field of practice through teaching assignments etc. Our projects and cooperation partners are not limited to the Greater Hamburg area, but also include facilities and associations that operate nationwide.

Current Projects Interface Practice

1. A concept for a creative, emotional, and consultative intervention in the addiction area is to be created as part of a cross-curricular competition on the »Arts and Social Change« campus. For this purpose, students from both departments were called to participate on the campus in the Harburg inland port. Psychosocial addiction specialists should work preventively with addicted families to help parents in education and mitigate the risk to children's development. In practice, however, it is not easy to advise drug addicted or substituted mothers with respect to parenting issues. It takes a long period of confidence building until they are open to it. This project has been running since May 2019 under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Sonja Bröning.

2. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Liane Simon and in cooperation with the German Red Cross - District Association Hamburg-Harburg offer students of the Department Family, Child and Social Work in the following accomodation "Am Röhricht" in Harburg a weekly weekly morningsday parent-child group. This is where parents of infants and toddlers meet, exchange ideas and get advice on how to develop their child and how to develop it further. This offer was launched in June 2018.

3. As part of the model project »School for All«, a student group is currently conducting interviews with pupils at Hamburg schools. The goal is to capture the subjective perception and attitude of students towards the basic idea and the social concern of inclusion. Based on these results, a questionnaire will be developed, which will eventually be used in other regions (Freiburg, Essen, Quakenbrück).

4. The project ICF Mapping is now in the second phase. After having interviewed all Hamburger Frühförderstellen about the use of the ICF in practice, it has now been extended online to all German early intervention centers. This also resulted in a current list of all early intervention centers, which we have sorted here by federal state. The results of the project are regularly presented at the meetings of the World Health Organization WHO Family of International Classifications, e.g. here: who-fic bookle. In the project, teachers and students work closely together.

5. Shortly before the official inauguration ceremony of the new rooms of the department, students and teachers met with partners from Harburg and the surrounding area on 7th February 2018 for the workshop »Cooperation«, where ideas were exchanged at four different thematic points.

It was about:

  • Students as interns Students as future employees,
  • The MSH as research partner and
  • The MSH as a practice partner.

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Melanie Godehardt
Candidate Management
Department Family, Child and Social Work

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