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Welcome to the Harburg Inland Harbor

Brick walls, the reflection of an old cargo crane on the water surface and a smell of soap and acrylic paint - this is our campus »Arts and Social Change«. In a former soap factory on approximately 5,000 square meters and on the ground of 900 years of history, our students of the Department of Art, Society and Health and the Department of Family, Child and Social Work study, research and experiment at the Harburg Inland Harbor.

In the large studios and lecture halls, industrial charm meets modern design, architecture steeped in history and merges with a cozy ambience - creating ideal learning and working conditions.

At this campus, MSH offers undergraduate and graduate courses, which are scientifically focused on issues related to the promotion and support of social systems. This includes individual development processes of children, families and adults as well as the development of organizations and enterprises.

Our degree programs aim on an artistic or socio-scientific basis on mediating, formative, organizing, communicating and scientific fields of work in a health or socio-cultural environment.

You are interested in contemporary societal and cultural developments? You want to understand the relationships between globalization, social and technological development, political change processes and cultural innovation? And you want to understand how today's societies master these challenges and try to find ways to deal with diversity and social inequality?

Become part of the »Arts and Social Change« campus and experience the programs Expressive Arts in Social Transformation (EAST), Intermedial Art Therapy and Art Analog Coaching as well as Social Work and Transdisciplinary Early Intervention.

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Melanie Godehardt
Candidate Management
Department Family, Child and Social Work

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