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About us

The Department Family, Child and Social Work

The Department Family, Child and Social Work deals with the promotion and support of adults, families and children in special and difficult life situations on a scientific level. The department comprises the bachelor's programs Transdisciplinary Early Childhood Intervention and Social Work as well as the master's program Social Work. As the only university in Germany, the department offers a combination of two special features for these study programs: One focus is the inclusion of creative methods, such as painting, music and dance. Another peculiarity is the teaching of reflexive methods, as the future professionals themselves have an influence on the empowerment of people in crisis situations.

The aim is to enable students to deal professionally with people in difficult and stressful situations and to prepare them for emotional and technically challenging activities.

Charm of the former soap factory

The »Arts and Social Change« campus offers a vast learning and working environment in an extraordinary soap room on the premises of a former soap factory in Harburg. In addition to classic seminar rooms, there are studio spaces, a music and movement room, a theater workshop with a stage and an advisory service. and therapy room available. The offer is supplemented by PC workstations, a specialist library and a lounge for students.

Innovation team consisting of students, teachers and the managing director

Already in the planning phase, decisions on the spatial design of the space were made jointly by the innovation team - consisting of students, lecturers and the managing director - and their feasibility in the construction phase was continuously reviewed. In a record time of nine months, they worked together to create the spatial concept and realize the vision of the Family, Child and Social Work department.

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